Frequently asked questions


  • Q When will my new shoes arrive?
    • A

      Your shoes will be made to order for you here in our Totnes workshop. Please allow at least 2 weeks and up to 4 weeks. At busy times of the year eg. Christmas it can take a little longer, if you would like to know the completion date before you order please feel free to give us a call. Do let us know if you have a particular event you need them for and we will do our best to accommodate that.

  • Q Can you send me leather samples?
    • A

      Absolutely. Simply let us know the sort of colours or finishes you would like and we will send you samples to look at and to feel at home.

  • Q Who makes your shoes?
    • A

      We do! And only us. You can't get a genuine pair of Conkers made for you anywhere else in the world. All our styles are made by hand here in our Totnes workshop.

  • Q Do I need to make an appointment?
    • A

      If you find is really difficult to find shoes that fit then we would appreciate it if you could make an appointment to make sure there is someone available to fit you, you can call weeks in advance or even on the day to check if our bespoke fitter is in. If you are unsure of what you may need just give us a call, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

      WE LOVE WALK INS - if you are passing by or are coming especially for shoes we have each style in half sizes and 4 different width fittings for you to try on. 

  • Q What size shall I order?
    • A

      Simply order your usual shoe size, eg: 6 ½. If you need a wider fitting then choose 'wide'. We will simply make your shoes in your usual size. Easy.

      If you normally find it very difficult to find shoes to fit, then you might want to send us foot drawings. Follow the instructions at We will then contact you to discuss your fitting.     

  • Q What do I do when my Conkers need re-soling?
    • A

      Simply send them back to us for a re-build. We take your shoes apart and rebuild them, re-last them to your pattern and give the leather a feed. Let us know your name and contact details and we will find your fitting card and last pattern. All you need to do is choose which type of sole you would like this time. We will contact you when we receive them and advise you of their return date.

      For more information see our RESOLE & REPAIR page.

  • Q I've had Conkers before, do you know my size?
    • A

      Yes, we should do. We never throw a making card away. All your fitting information and shoe history, including any modifications, is here waiting for you. We can make you a new pair in the same style or advise you how a different style will fit.

  • Q What if, say, your wide fitting isn't wide enough?
    • A

      We offer a modified fit service. This allows us to give you a little bit if extra space 'here or there' for length, width or space for a joint, just where you need it without compromising the good fit of the rest of your shoe. For those who can not find shoes to fit at all, we also offer a made-to-measure service, by appointment, here in Totnes.

  • Q Can I wear my orthotic inserts in my Conkers?
    • A

      We always recommend that you be fitted properly in the shop if you need to wear inserts in your shoes. They can affect the fit in many different ways, not just by taking out space inside. However some styles are much more accommodating than others. For example a lace-up style will be more flexible in fit than a pull-on style and if you normally find taking a half size bigger sufficient on the high street, then the same will probably apply to your Conkers.

  • Q Is there anywhere nice to stay nearby if I'm making a special visit?
    • A

      Yes! This part of Devon is especially beautiful and people often plan a mini-break or longer around their visit to Conker. 

      If you'd like to stay in Totnes, getting to us by rail, car or bus is easy and it's a great town to hang out in. For more info visit .

  • Q Can you copy a pair of shoes I already have?
    • A

      The pattens we use are tried and tested and can be modified to some extent if needs be. Each maker has their own set of lasts particular to their shoes. By choosing a combination of sole and leather to suit you, you have a big influence in how your shoes look and feel. It is not ethically sound to copy someone else's design. It is also much more difficult than you would imagine and the time involved would make the cost prohibitive.  

  • Q Do you make vegan shoes?
    • A

      Our shoes are made from high quality natural, sustainable materials. They are designed to be worn for many years in various climates, be durable,repairable and fully re-solable. Experience has taught us that the leather and rubber soling we use are the best materials for this job and produce the minimum environmental impact possible. To get the most from the leather it is adviseable to use a good quality care product.

  • Q When are you open over Christmas?
    • A

      Christmas Opening Hours 2017

      To be confirmed