British shoe making for 40 years!

With its passion for high quality shoe making Conker has continued a tradition of British craftsmanship. Since 1977 we have been making handmade leather shoes that are produced exclusively by us in Devon, you won't find them anywhere else in the world.

Our Story
We believe that timeless design is always modern and that true beauty gets better with age. We make all our shoes using the finest quality materials and traditional cordwaining techniques. Each item has been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in our small workshop in Totnes in the South West of England. We make all the shoes ourselves at our workshop located in the heart of Totnes, Devon (just behind our actual shop in the High Street). If you would like to visit us you can find our opening times on the Contact Us page.

Why Hand Made Shoes
When your shoes fit, you are more comfortable. You can do more and worry less, which can dramatically improve your quality of life. Also, when your shoes fit correctly, you are not stressing and damaging the leather which means your shoes last longer. Combine this with high quality materials, sustainable rubber soling and traditional cordwaining techniques and you have ethical shoes for life.

Personalise Your Shoes
Once you have given us your size or have sent us your foot profiles you can then choose from the range of styles and the most imortant decision, the colour(s)! We have around 50 different colours and are happy to send samples to you if you would prefer to see them in real life. You can also choose the stitching colour and the sole that suits you the best - shoes made especially for you. Check out our Instagram for more ideas and colour combinations. 

Why We're Different
We make all our shoes using the finest quality materials and traditional cordwaining techniques. Sustainablity is at the heart of what we do. We care about you and your feet, put your best foot forward with a great pair of shoes. Once we have a size and pattern filed for you, ordering more pairs or having you old pair re-soled is so easy. We know your fitting, last pattern and will have these easily to hand should you visit us in person, or contact us remotely.

Come & Visit Us
If you choose to come and visit us in Totnes we also specialise in beautiful fair trade, natural fibre clothing from the likes of People Tree, Beaumont Organic, Monkee Genes, Skunk Funk and Earth Kind Originals .We also stock a very wide range of tights from European companies Cecilia De Rafael and Falke. Plus beautiful socks, made in England by Pantherella and Scott Nichol. Alongside our leather shoes we have a variety of lovingly handmade leather bags from The Last Bags Company which are beautifully handmade in Devon with English leather. As one would expect we also stock a very comprehensive range of quality shoe care products to keep your Conker Shoes looking their best. 

All our shoes are repairable and can be resoled by us when the time comes - get the most out of your favourite shoes!