What Our Customers Say

Some of our customers have been with us since the very beginning and feel like old friends and some have only just discovered us. We are so lucky that almost everyone we make shoes for are lovely and interesting people. You can find Conkers all over the world, and it's always so exciting to receive a thoughfully sent card, letter, email or FB thank you note. Thank you!

"I first bought shoes here 13 years ago which I still wear, one pair resoled. I don't know how they make a profit as their shoes go on for ever and remain timeless. luckily, my feet have changed sufficiently to justify buying a pair of their Derby boots which I have long wanted. It would have been better to visit but rather far for me. They still had my measurements, discussed my problem over the telephone and, using one of my old pairs, posted back and forth, added sufficient additional space around the problem area to make them very comfortable. nothing was too much trouble and they were made in the weeks before Christmas and arrived on Christmas Eve. They are beautiful and much admired. I love the colour and they will improve with age. I don't know anywhere else like this shop."    Watlington(Tripadvisor)

"Bought two pairs of Conker cowboy boots about 24 years ago from this superb shop in Totnes, for myself and my girlfriend, who wears them most days in the winter. Believe it or not, but these boots are still in perfect condition in 2016. You will not buy any more hardwearing than these. They look great, too ! Highly recommended."    John, Poole (Tripadvisor)

"Outstanding!! Their shoes are amazing. Great quality and so many amazing colours to choose from. Can't wait to order some more! best wishes from Norway."   Jason, Norway (via Facebook)

"Really comfortable hand made shoes made with fine quality leather. Staff are exceptionally helpful. It's a pleasure to purchse from you."  Darren, Wales (via Facebook)

"A note to say thank you very much for the two pairs of shoes you have just sent. Beautifully made, I really appreciate the fine craftmanship, and as usual a perfect fit."   Diane, Carmarthenshire (in a card)

"Beautiful bespoke boots and shoes made for our wedding in August. Wonderful service and so chuffed with the stunning finished products. Thanks guys!"   Alex, Exeter (via Facebook)

"Collected my tricolour Cowboys yesterday and christened them at Chagstock 2015. Had them on my feet for thirteen hours and didn't want to take them off as Saturday crept into Sunday and my sleeping bag called my name!!! I can't rate Conker Shoes highly enough, their boots are a marvel and their customer service is peerless... I've already started saving for a pair of their Derby Boots."   Martin, Plymouth (via Facebook)

"Thank you for my wonderful shoes! Long live CONKER SHOES!"      Katy, Brixton  (on a postcard.)

"Just got my new Conker shoes. Very pleased - great fit - extremely comfortable - look good. Excellent value for money!"    Hillcroft, (Tripadvisor)

"Gorgeous colours, great designs and a perfect fit... these have to be the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, and worth every penny for a handmade pair that will take me though all the seasons in style. Mine are burgundy lace-ups. Well done Conker for your excellent service!"   Jennie (via Facebook)

"Dear Conker Shoemakers, my shoes have just arrived and I am delighted. Thank you so much for the extra care to get it just right." Jo, St Ives (postcard)

"Dear Yvette, I can't thank you enough for giving up your Saturday to 'measure up' our dear friend Vi for a pair of perfect shoes. Your kindness, attention to detail and genuine concern are rare commodity these days and are wonderful to witness. We all loved your unique shop and the warmth and professionalism of your employees. Looking forward to seeing you on the 24th. Best wishes..."      Paula, Westward Ho!  (in a card).

"Growing old is compulsory; Growing up is optional. To all at Conker Shoes, Thanks for my wonderful shoes!"      Sue, Monmouth  (in a card).

"The best shoes in the world. Made to order, to fit, to your spec and served up by the loveliest staff. Just keep going back for more ..."  Linda, (via Facebook)

"In autumn of 2013 and spring 2014 I bought 2 pairs of your deck shoes . I have worn them intensely and can honestly say I cant wear them out and the leather and stitching are both still intact. Most other shoes of this type would last maybe 9 months at half the price and aren't easy to repair. The pointed toe design , while stylish , is unique in deck shoes and requires getting used to but other than that I think they are value for money. I found your staff courteous and helpful when I ordered so I am pleased to wear a quality product."     MR. Watson, Bramhope    (via email).

"My favourite shoes on the planet xxxxxx"  Lisa, California  (via Facebook)

"Hi Anna, Just had to e-mail you all a huge THANKS for my amazing turquoise boots which arrived on my actual 60th birthday. They are gorgeous and sooooo comfy too!! Can't wait till my 70th!!!!! Thanks again."    Sha-Sha  (via email)

"You guys are awsome! I'll be telling all who ask about my sandals about your magnificent company and the absolute best customer service that I have ever seen! Thank you very much again."   Al, California   (via email) 

"We love Conker Shoes , never take them off they are so comfortable" Chris (via Facebook)

"I want to say thank you to [Katie] for her excellent advice and suggestions and for making my ordering process a pure joy :) I also want to apologise for leaving the shop littered with boots (if I hadn't been so blissed out I would (and should) have helped tidy them up)... I'M SORRY!!! I'm forty f***ing eight and I'm already counting down the days till July 18th!! hahaha. If you pass on my sincere thank you's to Your Beautiful assistant I would be eternally grateful! Roll on the 18th!!!" Martin, Plymouth (via email)

"Conker have made me the first pair of shoes that actually fit my feet. They spent the time measuring and fitting and making sure that I was completely happy before putting my order inI am completely in love with my boots and my knees and back love them too. Thank you." Jess (via Facebook)

"Wonderful shop - friendly and knowledgeable staff. My boots arrived recently and are simply gorgeous and so comfortable. A real revelation to have footwear fitting both my feet at the same time!" Jessica (via Facebook)

"Dear Conker Shoes. Thank you for my last pair of re-soled shoes. It's nice to have all my shoes up and running again, especially re-soled with the heavy duty cleated Vibram so I can walk hour after hour, mile on mile, without getting sore feet. Thank you for the spare laces. I spent the weekend walking up and down Leith Hill and my feet seem fine. There were lots of stones but nothing seemed bothersome. Woodcocks flew over in the evening, making their curious call, deer ran through the bilberries. My shoes had stones, gravel, rocks, tarmac, concrete and sand to deal with but did their job, dusty but intact. Best wishes.."      Andrew, Leicester (in a letter.)

"I have just invested in my 2nd pair of Conkers. I am truly converted, they are wonderful hand crafted beauties made by lovely people. Something tells me 2 pairs isn't enough!!!"    Venetia, Devon (via Facebook)

"Dear Conker team, My beautiful boots have just arrived as I sat drinking early Saturday morning coffee. The best hour of the week made even more perfect by the arrival! They are turquoise tall pull on and utterly delicious. I ordered them while on holiday - I am the head teacher of a Birmingham school located a few metres from Spaghetti Junction and the tangle of motorways - a very different place to Totnes.
I will wear them often and be reminded of turquoise seas, rocky headland, clean air and the delightful lady who served me when my husband and I visited your shop.
I will, of course, need more boots so keep my details!
Thank you so very much - I adore them!"     Alison, Birmingham  (via email)

"My boots arrived today and they are gorgous to look at and like gloves to wear. I feel very lucky and nurtured in these days of ubiquitous designs to have such lovingly crafted artifacts on my feet. Many, Many thanks :)"  Cawl (in a card)

"Bought my first pair of Conker shoes on Saturday and they truly are wearable 'straight from the box.' I've bought shoes previously from stores that make that claim and my feet have been rubbed raw. My Conker pumps are the most comfortable shoes EVER. Can't wait to invest in another pair!"   Carol  (via Facebook)

"Such lovely people, and such a fantastic business. I can't wait to get my boots back home in Australia! xx"   Heather, Australia (via Facebook)

"Thank you, the shoes were fabulous."  Jenny & John, Norfolk  (in a card)

"The nicest friendliest shoe shop ever. I have several beautiful pairs of shoes sandels and boots in variety if colours. The service is excellent."  Pic  (via Facebook)

"Dear Yvette, Simon & Marcel, Just to let you know that my shoes have arrived safely. They fulfil my expectations completely, but for one thing. I thought that everyone would notice my beautiful shoes, but only one or two did! I'm sure it's because they are so "me", they blend in! I hope you are well and that business is booming within managable reason. When I am next in England I hope to see you all again. Lots of love..." Sietske, Netherlands (in a card).

"Dear Prem, After our chat about Jacob's shoes this morning, you got me thinking - you're right, he really has followed right through with your shoes! I can't quite remember when he started, but it must bhave been pre-school, because I remember using a black indelible marker pen to change his lovely red shoes to black for 'big school', because the uniform list said they had to be black (you're probably horrified at this sacrailege!) And it's funny to think he's taller than me now! I thought I'd send you a picture of him, and then I decided to send our whole Christmas letter. So if you are ever allowed a long lunch break, you can read all about him!!  A very belated (or very early) Happy Christmas to everyone at the Conker Shoe Company, with best wishes..."  The Whittle Family, Ayr   (in a Christmas card)

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