Product description

Suede Velour Gum is a special stain remover for all robust suedes and nubucks. Velour Gum is a small, hard block which will gently tease and remove marks from your favourite suede and nubuck footwear and accessories.

Below we have listed some great benefits of using Woly Suede Velour Gum:

– Small and inconspicuous, this is a great product for on the go or to be kept in the car for a quick clean fix!
– No chemicals or spray needed!
– Can be used on Suede and Nubuck of all colours
– Simple and easy, Velour Gum can be used on footwear, bags, clothes and any other suede/nubuck accessories
– Removes surface marks and stains

How to use Woly Suede Velour Gum

– Choose your desired Suede or Nubuck footwear or other accessory, which has a mark or stain.
– Gently use Woly Suede Velour Gum almost like an eraser, in small firm strokes to tease the stain away.
– You will see the mark almost lift from the Suede – if not, continue until you do.
– Use on footwear, clothing or accessories and be gentle when using


Woly Suede Velour Gum