About Our Company

Conker was established in 1977 and since then we have been making leather shoes in our Devon workshop. We are now situated in the heart of the beautiful town of Totnes. We only have one workshop which located behind our highstreet shop.

We have a large range of styles, colours and sizes ready to wear off the shelf but we mainly make shoes to order; choose your colour(s), sole type, stitching colour and laces/buckles, bespoke shoes made especially for you!

Our shoes are made of high-quality materials using traditional techniques that have been passed on throughout the many years we have been making shoes. All our styles have been designed and constructed in such a way that when the time comes we are able to resole and repair them, giving your favourite shoes a new lease of life. Better for you and the planet.

We can also modify our patterns to accommodate minor alterations, giving you a little ‘here and there’ if you find it difficult to find shoes that fit.