Caring for your shoes

Caring for your Conker Shoes is important to give them a long well lived life. If you look after them they will look after you.

Our shoes are not guaranteed waterproof but are shower-proof. If the shoes do become wet then dry them out at room temperature (not on a radiator), stuffed with newspaper to keep their shape. Using a good waterproof spray/ protector will help to make the shoes water resistant but we recommend that you refrain from using products that contain paraffin. Make sure you buy the correct product for your leather. Pure bees wax can also be rubbed around the side of the shoes where the leather meets the sole to help create a barrier.


We recommend that a neutral protector is used before use to help protect the leather from water penetration and stains. Our Bee & Berry boot wax can be used on all leathers (apart from Nubuck which has a velvety texture). Before polishing or nourishing your shoes, clean off any dirt or salt stains with a slightly damp cloth and leave to dry. Leather can become dry when it’s repeatedly exposed to water so make sure you keep the leather conditioned. We recommend ‘Woly Creme Essentielle’ to add moisture and oil back into the leather. If you don’t condition the leather it will crack and become hard.

Full Grain & Waxed Leathers

This boot wax can be used on all leather (apart from nubuck/suede) and should be applied regularly to help repel water.
A clear heavy duty beeswax boot wax which can be used on all styles and all types of leathers apart from Nubuck/Suede. This wax forms a waterproof coating to protect the leather from rain and dirt.

Made locally by blending beeswax, lanolin and vegetable oils making it 100% natural.
Application;- Firstly score the surface of the wax, then apply using a cloth or brush to get into the leather and also the stitchline.NON Toxic, NON Petroleum, NON Synthetic.
Contains 65g

Nubuck Leather (velvety texture)

We recommend using Woly suede velour gum which is a sanding block that will get rid of tough stains and marks on the surface. It will help bring back the original nubuck finish. You can also use a nubuck brush which will bring back it’s velvety texture and remove dust and dirt.

Waxed Leather

Use a natural and neutral wax to repel water and keep the leather protected. We recommend ‘Bee & Berry boot wax’. If your shoes are looking and feeling a little sad an oiled leather cream will keep this leather supple and looking it’s best, we recommend ‘Woly oiled leather cream‘ or ‘Woly Creme Essentielle‘ to add oil and moisture back into the leather. It will also smarten up the look of your shoes! If you want to add a little bit of colour back into the leather our coloured shoe creams will do the job!

Full Grain Leather or Waxed leather

For colour loss through scuffing you can use a good quality neutral or coloured shoe cream (we stock Woly shoe creams in various colours available in our shop and also on our website). You can also use artists’ oil pastels, available from good art shops. Rub the oil pastel into the scuffed area then apply neutral polish. If the leather is looking a little dry use a neutral leather nourishing cream. This will re-hydrate the leather and prevent it from deterioration.333331`