Meet The Team!

Not only is it great knowing where your shoes are made, it’s also pretty cool to see who makes them and who is here to help from start to finish!

Nettle the Lurcher

Meet Nettle!

Let us start with the most loved member of Conker – Nettle the Lurcher.

She’s been with us for 4 years now and continues to make our customers and employees smile. She spends most of her day trotting around saying hello to everyone or lying flat out in the walkway hoping to get some snacks or a belly rub.

You can find Nettle in the shop Mon-Fri!


Meet Salinda!

Originally from San Diego CA she joined our team in Autumn 2017. Salinda keeps the office running smoothly answering your calls, emails, keeping you up to date via Instagram and our mailing list, and also works in the shop helping our lovely customers. She has a memory like none other which comes in handy at a business with so many moving parts!

Her artistic flare keeps our shop looking fresh and exciting, with new window themes each week and styling advice for our customers. She is also creative outside of work: painting, drawing, sewing, crocheting and dancing often (though not all at the same time!)


Meet Katie!

Katie is the lady that keeps things running here at Conker Shoes and has been with us since 2016. What job doesn’t she do? She manages the business alongside Simon and makes sure things are running as they should be. If you have a question about anything it’s likely that Katie has the answer!

Besides being the overall Conker go-to girl, Katie is an amazing chef. She can make absolutely anything, and sometimes (when we are lucky) she brings things in to share with the team. When she’s not working or cooking Katie is always up for an adventure, exploring the beaches around the South Hams, on her allotment or just meeting up for a drink (or 5) at the pub!

Christmas Gifts!

Meet Christian!

This creative Devon chap has been with us for over 2 years and is a great asset to our company. You will find him in the workshop working alongside Katie and Simon. He works hard making bespoke shoe patterns, cutting insoles, assembling sole units, and building lasts (along with the daily workshop tasks).

In his spare time, he is often working on his trike, bike, or van, he is definitely a big petrolhead! He also plays a weekly game of darts with a team for a bit of fun- sometimes they even manage to win a game!

Simon on his pride and joy!

Meet Simon!

Simon has owned Conker since 2006 and has been successful in keeping the much-loved Conker brand going. His background is in building so if you need something done around here Simon is the man to ask!

If you’ve visited us you will know that his pride is his motorbike. You will find Simon doing a bit of off-roading down the Devon lanes, walking on Dartmoor, or taking Nettle for a stroll on the beautiful South Devon beaches.


Meet Poppy!

Poppy is a bubbly, creative and sweet lady who we love having around. She is always making us smile! You’ll find Poppy in the shop and answering your phone calls and emails. In her spare time, you will find her diving into pottery and photography along with meeting up with friends for a great cuppa tea!