Barefoot Shoes

Conker shoes follow the natural shape of the foot allowing your feet to spread out naturally providing great for comfort and stability. We offer a range of soles including two barefoot options which can be put onto any of our styles for men, women and children. Barefoot means the sole has zero rise and is completely flat. Our shoes do not come with any padding or support inside the shoe. All our shoes come with a layer of natural crepe between the sole and the upper for comfort. You can choose to have a ‘Barefoot Crepe Sole’ or a ‘Barefoot Tyre Print sole’.

Barefoot Tyre

Made from natural rubber that has been vulcanised, the tyre print sole offers a slim and hard wearing sole with a fine tread. This sole is suitable for all styles.

Barefoot Crepe

Made from natural, sustainable rubber, crepe offers great comfort, flexibility and is great for a flat barefoot feel. It has a slim profile visually and is available on any style to put a ‘spring in your step’.

All our styles are designed to be fully rebuilt (resoled) when the time comes, significantly extending the life of your favourite shoes.