Find Your Size

If you are not sure what size to order…. Measure Your Feet

Our shoes offer a comfortable and natural foot shape, so you can order your usual size with confidence. If you often find it hard to find shoes to fit and are not sure what size to order, you can send us profiles of your feet.

You will need: a friend, two sheets of thin A4 paper (one for each foot), a sharp pencil, a dressmaker tape measure plus the socks (or no socks) you intend to wear with your shoes. You must follow our PDF instructions here

Step 1: Find a flat solid surface (not carpet) and stand naturally with one foot on each piece of paper.

Step 2: Ask your friend to draw around one foot at a time with a sharp pencil keeping the pencil completely upright at all times, especially at the heel. If you have accidently drawn more than one line around the foot please cross out the line you do not want us to use for measuring. Please note that you can not do this by yourself, it will not be accurate.

Step 3: Lift your toes up and your friend will slide the tape measure underneath the widest point of the foot. Measure the circumference in millimeters from the joint below your big toe (where you might get a bunion) around to the equivalent joint below the little toe. Before you remove the tape, mark its position on the drawing where the measurement was taken, and note the measurement in MM. It should look more like a diagonal than a straight across. See Step 6 of the instructions here

Step 4: Please also make notes on your drawings of:
Your name
Your contact details
Your usual shoe size
What style you would like to order
If you have any problems buying shoes usually

Step 5: If you would like us to size from your profiles, please post the original drawings to us at Conker Shoes, 28 High Street, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5RY, UK. Please let us know if you simply want help finding the best standard fit, or if you may wish to utilize our modified fit or made-to-measure services.

If you are based overseas and would like us to ‘sense-check’ your profiles, you can send a scan of them via email. Note we can not size from emailed or printed images, but we can give them a quick check to see if the drawings look fit to work from, or if a modified fit looks useful to you, before you post them.

You can add a length measurement to the emailed drawing if you would like us to check the length against UK sizes. To measure your foot length simply stand with your feet against a flat hard surface (a wall) and mark where your longest toe lands. Measure the distance between the wall and the toe in millimeters.

Frequently asked questions
We can make most of our styles in UK size 1 – 13 (including 1/2 sizes) and 4 different fittings, C (very narrow/shallow), D (narrow), E (standard), and F (wide).

If you have different sized feet we can make different sized shoes.

If you need a modified fit, for example, extra length or width in certain areas or an extra wide toe box we can do this for you.

We only make the styles listed on our website, we do not make bespoke styles or copy other brands.

Modified Fit Service

We can modify our patterns to accommodate minor alterations, giving you a little extra ‘here and there’ where you need it. We offer this service for £45 – £150 (depending on the modification needed) over the price of a standard size. For a modified pair of shoes, it is best to visit us in person so we can get the best fitting possible for you, if you can’t visit us we may be able to do this from your foot drawings depending on what is needed. Please note that there is a chance we are unable to make you a pair of shoes if the fitting is too complicated for the style you want.

We are currently also able to offer our Made To Measure Service. This is an in person fitting service with our specialist fitter and pattern maker and costs £300 in addition to the price of the shoes. Existing MTM customers can have their shoes re-build for £150, or a subsequent pair in the same style for +£150.  If you feel this may be the service you require, please call to discuss your requirements in advance and to arrange an appointment. (Please note that there will be non MTM appointments available in April 2024).

If you would like to book an appointment to come and see us, or simply need some advice, give us a call on 01803 862490 or drop us an email