Measure Your Feet

How to measure your feet

If you have problems choosing your size, or we have asked you to supply foot drawings to help with sizing, it’s easy. Simply follow the instructions here carefully and send us the original drawings on thin white paper with your name, contact details and style you fancy. We will then contact you to discuss your fitting.

Please remember, you will need to ask a friend to do the drawings for you. It is not possible to do them accurately yourself. 

Modified Fit Service

Supplying us with profiles of your feet doesn’t necessarily mean you need a modified fit, it may be that you aren’t sure if you have standard or wide feet or we just need to get more details of your feet to enable us to size you.

We can also modify our patterns to accommodate minor alterations, giving you a little extra ‘here and there’ where you need it. We offer this modified fit service for £35.00 – £125 (price depends on the modification needed) over the price of a standard size.

If you would like to book an appointment to come and see us or need some advice give us a call on 01803 862490