Find Your Correct Size

Not sure what size to choose? Send us your foot drawings!

Please note all our shoes are made to order unless you are lucky to find a pair in our small shop stock the perfect size, colour and sole combination you are looking for. Please contact our shop to check our current shoe stock.

If you are having problems choosing your size/width because you take various sizes in different footwear, it’s easy. You must follow our PDF instructions here very carefully and post the original drawings to us on white paper (not card as we need to see through the paper slightly) with your full name, contact details, your usual size, and any important information for us to know, for example, if you find it hard to find shoes that fit. If you always take a standard size in most High Street shops and your sizing does not differ you can just order your normal size.

We ask you to post the physical drawings to us instead of email as scanned images can distort and give inaccurate readings. Your foot drawings will help us determine the best length and width in our shoes. We can make most of our styles in UK size 1 – 13 (including 1/2 sizes) and 4 different widths, C (very narrow/shallow), D (narrow), E (standard), and F (wide). IMPORTANT: Make sure to hold the pencil completely upright at all times or else the foot drawings can end up giving inaccurate readings. Please also take your foot circumference measurement at the very widest part in millimeters (not centimeters) as it is more accurate (all information is on the PDF). We will then contact you to discuss your fitting.

You will need to ask a friend to do the drawings for you as it is not possible to do them accurately yourself and could cause your shoes to be made too small or too big.

If you have different sized feet we can make different sized shoes, this is the same price as a normal pair.

If you have any questions about how to do your foot profiles please give us a call or drop us an email, we are always happy to help!

Find it hard to find shoes that fit your feet?

If you struggle to find shoes that fit properly you can still send us your foot profiles for us to check your sizing. It may be that you fit into our standard sizes nicely but we also may recommend that you visit us for a fitting in person if your foot drawings are showing that you need a lot of alternations to our standard sizes. Please note that if you do visit us there may be a chance we are unable to make you a pair of shoes depending on the fit needed. We can add extra height and width to our standard sizes which can be anywhere between £20 – £125 depending on the number of alterations needed.

We are currently unable to make shoes that are completely modified (unless we have made shoes for you before), for example, if you have to get your shoes made by a specialist (NHS) as you can’t wear high street footwear.

Modified Fit Service

Supplying us with profiles of your feet doesn’t necessarily mean you need a modified fit, it may be that you aren’t sure if you have narrow, standard, or wide feet or we just need to get more details of your feet to enable us to size you.

We can also modify our patterns to accommodate minor alterations, giving you a little extra ‘here and there’ where you need it. We offer this modified fit service for £20.00 – £125 (price depends on the modification needed) over the price of a standard size. For a modified pair of shoes, you will need to visit us in person so we can get the best fitting possible for you.

Full Made To Measure – Specialist Footwear

We are not offering our full made-to-measure service at this time unless you have had shoes from us before. This service costs £235 over the price of standard size shoes or £125 if we have patterns already made for you. If you are unsure whether you are a modified fit (for example a little extra width here and there or bunions) or a full made to measure (not being able to fit into shoes on the high street or have a big difference in length and width) you are welcome to come for a fitting but please note you may be told that we are unable to make shoes for you at this time.

If you would like to book an appointment to come and see us or need some advice give us a call on 01803 862490