Resole & Repair Service


Before we do a resole the shoes undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they are in a resolable condition. If it is found there is excessive wear or damage to them, we will inform and advise you as to what the best options are. We can repair stitching and leather that has been worn. If they are too far gone we will inform you. Please make sure that your shoes are clean before sending them to us as we don’t fancy getting covered in mud (or much worse) when taking your shoes apart.

Rebuilding your shoes

When we resole your Conkers the shoes are actually taken apart very carefully by hand ~ re-built in fact. The leather upper is separated from what we call the Bottom Stock. This consists of everything below the leather upper ie. the leather insole and the complete worn out rubber section of soling. We then renew the Bottom Stock and restitch the leather upper to it. We give your shoes a feed, replace the laces with new ones and return them to you. Any little repairs will be done as part of this service and we will quote you on an individual basis for anything more complicated (for example major stitching or replacing parts of the shoe).

Which sole shall I choose this time?

If you would like a different sole to what you have had before see our ‘Sole Options‘ page for options or simply call us on 01803 862490 for any advice.

Send your shoes to us here at Conker Shoes, 28 High Street, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5RY, with your contact details and choice of sole. You can have the same type as before or try something new. We will give your shoes a Conker Health Check and get in touch with you and advise you on how to proceed.

Adult rebuild

The price of resoling your Conkers is £90 for standard fittings, £100 for modified last only (a little extra space for given for height or joints on the last), £120 for modified insole fittings (additional width or length on the insole as well as the last) and £150 for full made to measure rebuild (additional complex last building for customers who have had their Conkers made-to-measure. For those who can’t usually buy shoes on the high street).

If you need us to remind you of your fitting just give us a call.

Children’s rebuild

Children’s shoes can be rebuilt up a whole size for £38 or simply relasted up half a size up for free.


Adult shoes with either Tyre Print, Crepe or Wellen soles can be re-heeled for £30.00.

Children’s shoes are priced at £15.00.

Here are some before and after pictures of shoes which have been resoled and repaired – enjoy!

Please note, for the work involved above, your shoes must be clean when we receive them. We do not have the facilities to wash mud from your shoes.