Leather Types

Choose from around 40 colours!

Each pair of shoes is individually made especially for you. This means you have a greater choice in what your shoes look like. Our leathers are either full-grain smooth, nubuck, full-grain ripley or waxed nubuck(matt casual look). You can view our different leathers here . Remember we can make any style in any colour combination.

Whilst our styles can be made for you in the colours shown on the product pages, we can also make your shoes in any colour displayed on our website or even multicoloured. If you have spotted a colour that isn’t an option you can leave a note at the checkout of what you would like or just drop us an email to double-check. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have our colour swatch available online.

Our Facebook & Instagram page is a great place to find examples of shoes we have made in different colours by special request. We currently have around 40 different leathers to choose from so if you would like to receive some leather samples through the post, let us know which colours you would like and we will happily pop some in the post to you so you can see them in the flesh!

All our leathers come from 3 UK companies who we have worked with for over 20 years. The leathers we use come from tanneries located in Europe and are a by-product of other industries. We often use industrial waste leather from big companies who don’t have a use for it anymore, rather than letting such a great product go to waste. Our suppliers work with reliable and ethical tanneries and suppliers that conform to REACH standards.

Full-grain leather (smooth)

These leathers have a ‘lustrous surface’. They can be waxed or polished with a coloured or neutral polish as they age. They smarten up very easily and are lovely and soft. The leathers we use are dyed right through so you will not remove the colour. Apply a nourishing cream every so often to keep the leather supple.

Nubuck leather

Nubuck is a full-grain hard-wearing leather that has had its surface buffed to make it soft and velvety. Nubuck leathers need occasional brushing with a Nubuck brush to remove dust. Stains may also be able to be removed by fine sanding with a Gum Velours block. Our leathers are dyed right through so you will not remove the colour.

Waxed leather (casual matt look)

Some of our Nubuck leathers have had wax applied after buffing. This gives a patinated effect of slightly changed areas of light and dark where the wax pools. These are attractive distressed-looking leathers and can be treated in various ways as they age (use a wax or polish). We also recommend applying a nourishing cream to these leathers to keep them supple, especially if exposed to water as this causes the leather to dry out.

Full-grain soft ripley leather

Full-grain leather with a rippled textured surface. It is particularly soft and squidgy and can be polished with neutral or coloured polish as it ages. We also recommend you use wax to help repel water and dirt. Apply a nourishing cream every so often to keep the leather supple.

Example Swatch