Product description

Style: The Ankle Boot

For: Everybody! They are completely Unisex

Upper Material: 100% Leather

Sole Material: 100% Rubber

Insole: The inside of our footwear is completely flat and contains no padding or removable insoles.

Made: Handmade in Devon, England, United Kingdom

Lace Length: 75cm

Resole and Repair: Your boots can be resoled and repaired by us as many times as they can take.

Click here to see our full leather swatch. We can use any leather combination on any style of footwear. If you’d like to choose your own combination please leave us a note in the box at the checkout. Find some ideas of combinations in our gallery.

Our Ankle Boots are based on a classic desert boot and are one of our oldest, most popular, tried and tested designs. We love this extremely comfortable and versatile style.

Handmade in supple leather with laces and your choice of the sole, this is a great unisex boot for everyday use. Choose a smart colour for work or beautiful bright colours for fun. We have chosen a few of the best combinations here for you, but if you have a colour in mind you really fancy then just leave us a note in the comment box at the checkout.

Choose the sole you need based on comfort, looks or terrain. For more information about sole types, have a look here.

Remember, as with all Conkers, your boots are fully repairable and resoleable by us when the time comes. Look after the leather uppers and your Conkers will look after you for years to come. Better for you, better for the planet ~ truly sustainable footwear.

We hope the images above provide you with a sense of what the boots look like when they are ‘on’.

Ankle Boot



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