Product description

Style: The Cowboy Boot

For: Everybody! They are completely Unisex

Upper Material: 100% Leather

Sole Material: 100% Rubber

Insole: The inside of our footwear is completely flat and contains no padding or removable insoles.

Made: Handmade in Devon, England, United Kingdom

Lace Length at back of boot: 120cm

Resole and Repair: Your boots can be resoled and repaired by us as many times as they can take.

Conker Cowboy Boots are worn in the lanes of Devon to city streets all around the world.

Our Cowboy Boots have a leather lace at the back and solid brass rings fitted on the straps. Wear them with the cuffs up and your trousers tucked in, or fold them over to give you a shorter ankle boot. If the colour combination you want isn’t listed here, just leave us a note in the comment box at the checkout with your colour combination ideas.

These boots just look better and better over time, so look after them and they will last you many years. Remember, your Conkers are fully repairable and resolable by us when the time comes – no more throwing away your favourite boots.

We hope the images above provide you with a sense of what the boots look like when they are ‘on’.

Cowboy Boot



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