Product description

Handmade Natural Beeswax Leather Balsam

Made with 100% natural ingredients safe for humans and animals this wax will be a favourite of yours to keep your shoes and leather goods looking and feeling their best.

This Beeswax leather balsam will bring your leather goods back to life and will help nourish the leather to extend its life. It contains oils designed to prevent leather drying or splitting and will add a layer of protection from dirt and water. We recommend applying it regularly to your footwear to keep the leather nice and supple, especially if you are getting your shoes wet regularly as water and heat will dry the leather out, just like your own skin.

  • Apply sparingly with a cloth, brush or sponge. We love using a brush as it gets into all of the hard to reach areas and stitching. This leather balsam may change the appearance of the leather making it slightly darker so we recommend doing a test patch first if you are worried about changing the appearance. It can not be used on Suede or Nubuck as it will change the appearance and feel.
  • – Non-toxic, biodegradable, human, animal and environmentally friendly.
  • – Made by blending Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil.
  • – Comes in a box with an application sponge (all are contents recyclable)

– Size 125ml will treat up to 300 pairs of shoes


Leather Wax – 100% Natural

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