Product description

 The Brogue

For: Everybody! They are completely Unisex

Upper Material: 100% Leather

Sole Material: 100% Rubber

Insole: The inside of our footwear is completely flat and contains no padding or removable insoles.

Made: Handmade in Devon, England, United Kingdom

Lace Length: 75cm

Resole and Repair: Your boots can be resoled and repaired by us as many times as they can take.

Choose a classy leather for a smart, sophisticated look for formal occasions or workwear or choose a bright exciting colour for a fun look.

We offer them with red, white, blue, green or light tan stitching for a contrasting look or black and brown if you would prefer a more subdued look. If you would prefer a colour not shown here, no problem, just let us know what your dream combination is or if you have seen a colour you like available in another style. We will do our best to make them happen for you!

Remember, your shoes are fully repairable and can be resoled by Conker when the time comes.




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