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Our Deck Shoes have been designed for you to enjoy every day, both on and off the water. We offer natural and breathable leather uppers and insole and combine this with rubber soling from Italy that is grippy, flexible, non-marking and durable.

Each pair is made by hand, to order, in our Totnes workshop in Devon. We combine quality materials, traditional making techniques and experience. We finish every pair by hand with bees wax on the cut edges. By offering a broad range of sizes and natural shaped lasts we can offer you a much better fit. We can even offer a modified fit service if you need a little extra here or there.

You choose whether you would like two eyelets, for a lighter looking shoe, or three eyelets, for a more secure fit. We genuinely lace our boat shoes, it’s not just for show, so you can tighten the backs as and when you need to. All this ensures a very comfortable shoe. Simply choose the colour combination you’d like and we will do the rest.

We expect our shoes to serve you well for many years. Look after the uppers and they will look after you!

When the time comes for new soles, you can simply send them back to us for a rebuild. We construct them in such a way that we can take them apart, replace the leather insoling and renew the rubber soling. We give them a feed, relast them to the pattern we have on file for you, and off you go. No more throwing away your favourite, worn in shoes.

If you would prefer a different combination of colours than offered above, we are happy to discuss your requirements and send you cuttings should you want them.

If you would prefer to choose a different sole type from our range, for alternate use off deck any sole is suitable. If you will be using them on deck the non-marking and non-slip soles are the ‘Ilga Deck Sole’ or ‘Wellen Deck Sole’.

Deck Shoe: Indigo & Rouge



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