Product description

  1. Style: The Aimee

For: Women

Upper Material: 100% Leather

Sole Material: 100% Rubber

Insole: The inside of our footwear is completely flat and contains no padding or removable insoles.

Made: Handmade in Devon, England, United Kingdom

Resole and Repair: Your sandals can be resoled and repaired by us as many times as they can take.

The Aimee is both elegant and comfortable.

More beautiful and much more practical than a flip flop, Our Aimee sandal gives you the comfort and breathability of the leather and the cushioning and bounce that comes from natural rubber underfoot. Combining a fine ankle strap, with a slim sole, this sandal looks great in earthy neutral or bright metallic leathers. Great at the bottom of leggings, with a summer dress or just simply knocking around in a pair of jeans. If you would like a different colour combination than what our website offers simply leave us a note at the checkout or send us an email with your specifications.

Remember, your sandals are fully repairable and re-soleable by us when the time comes.




Cleans, nourishes and protects leather.