Product description

Famaco Cream Polish is a traditional wax formulation manufactured from natural waxes including Bees wax.

It is particularly suitable for smooth leathers. It is also the ideal for renovation work including furniture and other leather or smooth covered items where you wish to achieve a natural coloured shine. Building layers of cream will increase the colour and shine achieved, you do not need a complete colour match as this product enhances the existing colour of the leather without changing it’s character. It is easy to apply with a brush or rag/duster, is fast drying and when buffed between applications can be over coated in just 2 minutes. 

Size: 50ml.

The benefits of using Cream Polish

There are many benefits of using a shoe cream. Famaco and Famaco boasts an extensive colour collection, meaning there is a colour for almost everyone.
– Nourish and enrich the leather
– Add colour to bring the shoe back to life
– Enriches the leather with wax, for added protection
– Modern version of the classic tin polish
– Easy application

How to apply Cream Polish

– Choose your leather footwear which you wish to renovate, and pick the closest colour match from our Colour Chart
– Clean the shoe using a Cleaners, making sure all dirt, dust and mud has been removed
– With a Cloth or Dauber Brush, apply a SMALL amount of shoe cream to a inconspicuous area of the shoe to make sure the colour is a good match
– Once happy with the colour – In small, circular motions apply the shoe cream – being mindful to not over apply.
– Leave to dry before applying another coat
– If needed, reapply another layer of the cream until you are satisfied with the coverage 


– After the cream has dried, buff with a polishing cloth to a high, optimum shine! (We have found that lighter strokes make for a quicker result) 

Cream polish provides long lasting wax colour and a beautiful gloss finish.
Cream is suitable for all smooth leathers. It not only adds colour, but also renovates and conditions the leather – bringing the footwear back to life and restoring the original quality.


Shoe Cream – Fig purple