Product description

Style: The Elastic Mule

For: Men & Women

Upper Material: 100% Leather

Sole Material: 100% Rubber

Insole: The inside of our footwear is completely flat and contains no padding or removable insoles.

Made: Handmade in Devon, England, United Kingdom

Resole and Repair: Your sandals can be resoled and repaired by us as many times as they can take

Handmade in leather with an elasticated panel for comfort, ease and fit.

Elastic mules are a very versatile sandal that looks great with any outfit. They are a consistently popular style in the spring/summer and will give you years of service if you look after them.

We recommend the ribbed or crepe sole for this style. It makes this sandal extremely comfortable keeping it lightweight, bouncy, and durable for the summer months.

Remember that when the time comes, they are fully repairable and re-soleable.

Elastic Mule



Cleans, nourishes and protects leather.